Best Driving School Lucknow Shukla Motor

Lucknow's No:1 Driving School which gives maximum practical exposure to Learners.09369210873 / 8090832817.

Best Driving School Lucknow Shukla Motor

Lucknow's No:1 Driving School which gives maximum practical exposure to Learners.09369210873 / 8090832817.

Best Driving School Lucknow Shukla Motor

Lucknow's No:1 Driving School which gives maximum practical exposure to Learners.09369210873 / 8090832817.

Best Driving School Lucknow Shukla Motor

Lucknow's No:1 Driving School which gives maximum practical exposure to Learners.09369210873 / 8090832817.

Best Driving School Lucknow Shukla Motor

Lucknow's No:1 Driving School which gives maximum practical exposure to Learners.09369210873 / 8090832817.

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Driving Techniques for A Safe Drive

At a time when roads are crowded with small or big vehicles, driving has become extremely challenging and most of us do not feel safe while driving. However, by following these easy tips your driving can me made extremely comfortable, convenient and safe before you sit behind the wheel and hit the road.

Right Posture

Understand the importance of having a right posture while driving a vehicle because you may invite a number of troubles directly linked with your health as well as safety if your position while driving a car is not accurate. Ensure that you have a straight stance and your back as well as your lower part gets squeezed well into the seat. This eliminates backache, back injuries and keeps you vigilant throughout your journey.   

Choose Correct Attire

In a study, it is found that incorrect clothing distracts your focus and does not allow you to drive confidently. To avoid this, first of all, you must consider what you wear because attire influences your driving; if it comfortable, you will have a smooth driving otherwise might cause inconvenience.


Emphasized by a number of motor training schools, keeping your belt as tight as possible over the waist and the strap should be well-adjusted to the height so that your body gets full support from the seat in case of collision.

How to Use Brakes

Most of the mishaps take place when brakes are applied hard and fast because it directly affects your control, especially on wet terrains. Therefore, to avoid this, start putting a little pressure beforehand you want to have a stop. Then gradually increase the pressure for the complete stopping.


Skip sudden movements and ensure that your steering functions smoothly.

Simply adhere to these tips and become a champion driver like from an elite car driving school.

Don't Have Your Car Visible Anywhere in Your Mirrors

Don't Have Your Car Visible Anywhere in Your Mirrors

 This is one of those things that takes next to zero effort to do right, but that almost everyone does wrong.
You hopefully already know that the "blind spot" is the name for the area on either side of a car that is invisible to wing mirrors. It's such a frequent cause of accidents that higher-end car models have adopted fancy radar or camera systems capable of detecting other vehicles in your blind spots and delivering the information to you in furiously urgent beep-screams as you swerve in terror and/or crash anyway.
However, the technology isn't the problem -- the necessary equipment to eliminate blind spots was around back when Henry Ford was still producing cars and anti-Semitic newsletters. All you need are your car's wing mirrors -- which most people have adjusted incorrectly.
You see, blind spots can be put into full view of your side mirrors, provided that these mirrors are adjusted to contain no part of your own car. Just angle them away from you until the point where your car is no longer visible in either one, and leave them there. That way, there's no overlap between them and the rearview mirror, and any car that's passing you on either side will remain in at least one of your mirrors until it enters your field of vision.
Admittedly, this seems less like a "tip" and more like "the most obvious piece of instruction of all time," but nobody freaking does it. Manufacturers have to let you adjust the mirrors (due to things like differences in driver height), and most people simply don't know how to do it. That's why those same engineers are spending millions on technology meant to eliminate blind spots -- they have simply failed to teach people not to point their goddamned mirrors at the sides of the vehicle they're attached to.

Pay More Attention to Traffic Than Road Signs

If you saw someone blow past a yield sign into traffic and vanish in an explosion of steel and glass not unlike one of the Iron Giant's volcanic diarrheas, you'd be tempted to blame the crash on the driver who ignored the road sign.
But what if the yield sign wasn't there, like those intersections where there's nothing but an esoteric flashing yellow light and everyone stops and stares at each other? There would probably still be the odd person who flies through, but average drivers would become extremely cautious as a result of having no clear instruction of what to do. They would instead just intuit their next move based on the traffic around them, which is kind of the point of stoplights and road signs to begin with -- to force you to stop and look.
In other words, you may be better off without the signs.
There are experts who believe that the overabundance of signs and signals just make you complacent, because you're fixated on blindly following instructions printed on reflective metal rather than not killing your fellow drivers. And we've all seen it happen -- drivers with a green light will plow through an intersection and T-bone another car that was clearly in their path, simply because the pretty colored light told them they had the right of way. And think about how people will lose their freaking minds if traffic and/or weather conditions have them driving slower than the posted speed limit, routinely causing accidents by trying to weave their way back up to maximum warp, even though the speed limit is literally just a number on a sign that takes absolutely nothing into consideration beyond what a few civil engineers came up with on a calculator 30 years ago.

6 Little-Known Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

6 Little-Known #DrivingTips That Could Save Your Life

Driving a car, or getting run over by one, is still one of the most popular ways to get killed in the modern world. Despite the fact that cars are safer than ever, they are still driven by human beings who, let's face it, often have trouble retaining even the minimal techniques and rules required to operate a vehicle.
But if you're reading this, hopefully it means that you are intent on doing what it takes to survive in a world full of such drivers by being just a little more careful. So for you, here are some advanced tips that everyone should know, even if most people don't ...

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Car Training School lucknow | Car driving School lucknow

Car Training School lucknow | Car driving School lucknow | Driving school lucknow
Our Car Training Company (Shukla Motor Training School) started 1999. as a family run driving school in lucknow. Our business has grown since then and we now boast 05 driving instructors. Our aim is to provide Comfortable Car Training, Quality car driving tuition for our pupils, not purely just to obtain their driving license but also for safe driving for life. Statistics show that a large percentage of road traffic accidents involve young or newly trained drivers and we, as a driving school, are dedicated to help reduce this percentage. Our driving school in lucknow is Government Approved,We also do the R.T.O Related Works,Like License for two, three, four wheelers, work, us for perfect and safe driving
Our company started off as a very small business with out much funding, almost like we were just there to help out friends and family that needed to learn driving. Now we have grown into a successful business and have such a great selection of cars and drivers. Come pay us a visit today!

Driving Method school in lucknow

A later fight held in Texas called for no messaging while driving. According to it, driving test system organization Stisim Drive, to additionally be of help, imparted a way how one could driver significantly more secure.

In a post from distributed on January 13, 2014, it was established that the crusade was sorted out by a telecommunications organization. What's more as it itemized, it focused on the youngster drivers, which made it spot-on given that a later study uncovered that they are more inclined to diverted driving.

The post imparted that the said examination was directed by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute and the New England Journal of Medicine. It especially discovered, it moreover transferred, that drivers 15-20 years of age are represented 11 percent of fatalities and 14 percent of accidents.

Here is a piece of the post. 

"It's extraordinary that cognizance is developing about the dangers of cellphones and driving. 

As Jim Carter, a collaborator VP with At&t, as of late said, reviews have indicated around the range of three in four individuals are conscious of the threat around messaging and driving."

Consistent with Stisim Drive, messaging is legitimately a widespread wellspring of occupied driving. Furthermore as a result of that, it remarked that drivers of all age must regard the fight.

In any case, it expressed that plus it, there are numerous other driving practices that accelerate mischances. It attested that any individual who's in the driver's seat must beat every last one of them to be more secure. Also with that, driving test systems are the most-propelled help anybody could get, it said.

Stisim Drive cited that driving simulation systems offer a safe environment. Not only that, it said that with the road scenes the drivers could practice on them, anyone could be prepared with whatever scenario they would face on the road, thus, making them safer.

Then again, of all the driving test systems, the organization said there is none like its own. It said that it offers savvy driving reproduction frameworks that could be utilized within recovery and research in addition guideline and preparing. Moreover, it said that its Stisim Drive programming is programmable to fit in with the client's necessity and is stacked with all the conceivable driving scenes.

Driving School - Learn How to Drive in lucknow

Driving schools are suiting all the more pop outlay. Everybody should know progressively about them. This incorporates youngsters who can't sit tight for the chance to take the wheel in their scripts, and folks intrigued by searching for an exceptional school to send their kids. Gone are the days when folks used to take their youngsters away to instruct driving. Accuse the confinement of time and work hours that counteract them from finishing so. Presently then again, on account of the amount of driving schools around, their concerns could be put to rest. Laboring schools can cause untested drivers to a more amazing degree cognizant of legitimate driving methods and behavior.

Driving schools are exceptionally dependable: 

The driving assume for all intents and purpose everything that need to manage driving from showing learners about dissimilar to autos pushing, training on the motors and additionally about preventive driving. The great thing about joining a driving school is that while going to a qualified driving school you can really diminish the information and the fines you get, and can even deoxidize your accident protection premiums. At the same time the inquiry is the way to discover a qualified or a great driving school? Note that the best driving school might be one which has been upheld by a companion or relative. You can additionally believe your nearby accident coverage or contact the Public Security Bureau in your state.

Know your school, in this way: 

Considerably in the wake of picking a driving school, there are fixed things you must look into that may help you choose if this driving school is for you. The driving teacher ought to be your first concern. Ask to what extent the teacher has been a driving educator. The teacher ought to have the capacity to offer tutelage joined and reconciled to give both hypothetical and virtual preparing. Get some information about the autos they utilize, how old they are and if they will have a thing by thing determination to table administrations. You may as well likewise think about their rates or when they have refunds for motor piece booking.

Preventive driving: 

In this course you will figure out how to make up one's psyche the suitableness of himself and his vehicle to drive securely. This is for all tugging a car vehicle for particular utilization or business utilization. They show you to drive protectively, and the imperativeness of utilizing seat cinchs and airbags. Likewise taught about how to pay special mind to walkers and different vehicles, and so forth that are utilizing the street with you, as numerous individuals have a tendency to push aside or lose, leaving in unwanted mischances. 

When you go to a driving school for an uncommon capacity, you may be asked to go to some driving schools furnished by the organization for which you wish to encounter conceded installment.

Online course: 

There are additionally numerous online schools on the Cyberspace that you can simple engrave. Accurately shop and pay special mind to the school that suits you. These schools offer quality driving courses for safe driving in both limit and client interface. Numerous individuals take part in these courses are overall arranged, and may incorporate content, movie, and vitalities to help you turn an improved driver in an intriguing and intuitive. They blanket everything from the parts of motoring universal declaration models and controls, for example, pace breaking points et cetera.